Apple brings a promising Siri recording selection feature with the new iOS 13.2 Beta

Apple has finally presented its Siri recording selection feature, designed to let users decide whether to provide audio recordings to improve voice assistants. As early as August, Cupertino promised to offer an opt-in feature after the public’s strong protest against its Siri “grading” plan. Additionally, as part of future software updates, users will be able to choose to participate in the rating. The new Beta (ie iOS 13.2 developer beta 2) also includes features such as the ability to remove/uninstall applications directly from the Haptic Touch menu on the home screen, and the video recording settings via the Camera app.

The added controls, along with the Siri privacy improvements on the Apple side, include restrictions on the amount of data available to manual reviewers, as well as conversions from contractors to internal staff. Apple took this move because the industry’s reports on companies listening to recordings for quality control purposes, including Amazon, Facebook, and Google, received widespread response from the industry. This is to admit that users want their commands and voice chats to be as private as possible, even with strict control over the sounds that reviewers can hear.

As TechCrunch discovered, iOS 13.2 developer beta 2 includes an opt-in feature that allows users to decide whether or not to send recordings to Apple to improve Siri. The feature is accessible through the title improve Siri and Dictation, which can be obtained by proceeding to Settings > Privacy > Analytics and Improvements. TechCrunch reports that Apple also introduced a new feature to remove Siri and dictation history, which can be accessed via Settings > Siri and Search > Siri History to allow users to remove data obtained via Siri. It is said that the data will be deleted within 24 hours of the request made by the function, and audio, as well as transcripts of Siri interactions, will not able to use to the grading program.