Apple launched iOS 13.1 earlier than said

Apple added several new features to the iPhone 6S, and above, only a week after the launch of iOS 13. So far, Apple has rolled out the next update for its mobile operating system. Apple fast-tracked the release of iOS 13.1 after the consumer complaints about apps crashing and frozen screens. The release iOS 13.1 reflects how buggy the iOS 13 release was. The new updates fix issues of Siri not working with CarPlay, Mail, sign-in failures, and faulty app icons. Another major problem with iOS 13 was of location permissions. The privacy issues with iOS 13 are also fixed with the new release.
Lock screen bypass bug is also fixed in the new version. The latest release also has several new features. The new features include sharing an estimated time of arrival with friends like google maps. At the bottom of the screen, ‘Share ETA’ option shows up when the location direction set up. From that option, the user can choose the person to whom to share the time of arrival. The person gets an iMessage. If there is any delay, then a message is automatically sent to the contact. For the Apple Music subscriber, there is another feature with a new icon. The icon looks like a speech bubble. After the selection, it brings up song lyrics. This feature can only be availed if the song is already downloaded. Another update is of AirDrop. Use of spatial awareness means iOS devices can now AirDrop by merely pointing towards another device. The shortcut app update has new routines. The app is now smarter with several updated and ease of use.
There are several other changes also such as Personal Hotspot pages and Updated Fonts settings. Now the Beta apps are indicated with an orange dot. Old dynamic bubble wallpapers are also back as a new feature. Another feature is ‘Peak Performance Capability’ for iPhone XR, XS Max, and iPhone XS. The feature is for the battery issue. The new performance management feature will control the CPU. The disable option is also available for this feature. Overall, iOS 13.1 is expected to improve the iPhone’s performance.