Before sleep, the best time for BP medication

If anyone has high blood pressure, remembering to take the medication is so important. As a matter of fact, the time of day, when an individual takes medicine, could influence the risk of heart attack & stroke, which is eventually related to how well blood pressure is managed. Circadian rhythm affects how an individual responds to specific medications, the result of chemistry between medication & cortisol, the principal hormone in charge of this rhythm. A new study recommends that blood pressure medicine should be taken at bedtime to lower blood pressure during the night and in the early morning that helps to avoid the rise in blood pressure that generally happens in awake condition. There is a piece of evidence which indicates that not only genetics but the time of day an individual takes his medicine may influence how effective it is for treating a particular condition. The European Heart Journal published research on this topic.

Blood pressure usually drops as when one falls asleep. It reaches its lowest between midnight and early morning hours between 3 to 4. It gradually rises as one awakens because of the release of cortisol. Those individuals who don’t experience a drop in blood pressure in night during sleep may be at an increased risk of heart attack & stroke. The study found out that those who took their medicines at bedtime had a considerably low average blood pressure both at night & day, falling in the night compared to medication during the day. Participants in the study who took medicine at nighttime were 44% less likely to experience any chances of stroke, heart attack, or heart failure compared with those morning takers.

Although blood pressure has multiple hereditary causes, our lifestyle choices also have a significant effect. If the alcohol intake is reduced, smoking is quit, and weight loss is made, stress is reduced, exercise done, salt intake reduced, yoga done these ways will help to reduce the blood pressure. If one takes medicines as the providers of healthcare have specified on the prescription when to take the medication. It is better to consult with him & inquire why he has prescribed to take the pill in the morning or night.