Ben & Jerry Is Offering A New Netflix And Chill Flavour Ice Cream

No one can predict who would come and join their hands to promote a business because recently, Netflix has decided to go along with Ben & Jerry to make different ice cream. Reports are coming from the market that says Netflix has collaborated with Ben & Jerry to produce a sweet peanut butter ice cream with salty pretzel swirls and some fudge brownie chunks. This new peanut butter ice cream made by ben & jerry officially will be called as Netflix and Chill,” which promotes the company’s slogan of watching movies and chilling.

Netflix will be receiving much appreciation for thinking out of the box marketing strategy because this ice cream is made for movie lovers. On Ben and Jerry’s official website, it’s said that they have teamed up with Netflix to bring some new sort of ice cream for everyone. People love to watch movies and Tv shows on Netflix and probably heard millions of times about Netflix and Chill.

Now that slogan is getting into reality because a movie lover would be able to watch their favorite TV shows along with this sweet ice cream. Ben & Jerry said they are considering the demand for this product would be launching Netflix and Chill version of ice cream for vegans. This ice cream will be made of almond milk which drinkable for those who are vegans. However, this is not the first time when ben & Jerry are coming up with non-dairy products because earlier they launched Chunky Monkey and similar non-dairy-based ice cream for vegans that got some good response in the market. Netflix, this time, would be using Ben & Jerry’s popularity to market their movie streaming service along with some good flavored ice cream. Netflix and Chill have indeed become a cultural thing among Millenials and many other people.