Boeing Undergoing 737 Max Crisis Secured over $12 Billion in Loans

Boeing has obtained financial liabilities for over $12 billion from more than 12 banks. A person knowing the situation has stated regarding the move on Monday. The news arrives as the aircraft maker faces economic pressure because of production stay on its 737 MAX aircraft. The American aircraft manufacturer has faced many difficulties since the two lethal crashes of 737 Max. Besides this, the company has stopped manufacturing the 737 Max at its facility in Renton, Washington. Apart from this, disturbing internal discussions amongst Boeing workers conversing crash incidents have emerged. According to the sources, the company has not terminated or not yet confirmed the deal.

Notably, the loan would boost the finances of Boeing as it struggles with the ongoing 737 MAX Crisis. Well, the size of the loan is still unclear, but the company may settle the deal as early as Monday. In the previous week, some reports had revealed that Boeing is attempting to get a loan of a minimum of $10 billion. Meanwhile, the airplane maker has declined to comment on the matter. Well, the crashes have offered Boeing one of the greatest crises in its over a hundred years’ history. Apart from this, the company has waved through its supply chain and its airlines’ consumers. Initially, the company sought a minimum loan of $10 billion. But it has gained at a minimum $2 billion more, which reveals a sign of trust in the company from investors.

On the other hand, Boeing could specify its fiscal strategy at the time of reporting earnings before the opening of the market on Wednesday. Sources said the funding would include a two-year delayed-draw loan. In other words, Boeing does not have to utilize all the money instantly. Besides this, the loan may have a margin of 100 index points over the rate offered by the London interbank. It will also have a passing fee of 9 basis points and five index points as an upfront fee. Above all, now the aircraft manufacturer has come to focus because a couple of peregrine falcons will be houseless. The two falcons have prepared a nest in the 737 Max facility in Renton. But as the doors of the emptied plant will remain closed more times. So the falcons need to depart from the facility, or else they get locked up inside.