Bug In iOS 13.3 Allows Children To Circumvent Parental Control Feature, Apple Promises Fix

Tech giant Apple recently released iOS 13.3 update. It was rolled out with new features and multiple bug fixes. One of the new features was parental control. However, the new version of the iPhone’s operating system is hit by another round of bugs. The bug allows users including kids to circumvent the parental control setting. The feature allowed parents to keep a check their kids from using apps. The feature also enabled parents to set limits on how their kids can use communication apps. The feature was officially named Communication Limits. According to Apple, the new feature covers Messages, Phone, FaceTime, and iCloud Contacts. But the bug now allows kids to easily bypass the feature.

The latest bug has put Apple in the dock over its tall claims. Once a child receives a message from an unknown number, he will be able to add the number to the contact list. The kid can then easily access the number to make a call, send a message or FaceTime. Also, one can tell Siri on an Apple Watch to call, text, FaceTime by simply bypassing the new feature. Notably, this bug is triggered only if contact syncing to iCloud is disabled. When Apple learned about the bug, it assured taking steps to fix it. It said the issue only occurs on devices set up with a non-standard configuration.

The Cupertino-based iPhone maker said it is working on a complete fix. The fix will be released in the next software update cycle. For the time being, Apple suggested an alternative to parents who want to block the bypass. It said they can manually set their child’s phone to sync contacts to iCloud. This trick will prevent kids from circumventing Communication Limits feature. The iOS 13 was launched in September this year. However, it didn’t go down well with the users because of a series of problems. The company was forced to prepone iOS 13.1 launch by at least seven days.