European Stock Market Fell As China Reports Its Slowest Economy Growth From Last 30 Years

When it comes to the stock market, the investors might get into a panic because of some significant news revelation, and currently, that’s what is happening in the European share market. Because according to the report major European stock went down since the Chinese officials released the report of the country’s slowest economic growth. On Monday morning China reported that the state has managed to grow at only 6.6 percent and it seems like the European investors now have got worried about it since because of this news many European companies stocks went down on early Monday morning. European primary stock index Stoxx 600 went down by 0.3 percent which shows that many blue-chip companies have got affected because of China’s slow growth. The European share market has always been vulnerable to such news since there are many European companies which are operating in China.

Experts believe that the primary reason why China’s economy has been slowed down is the trade disputes with the USA. However, a few days ago US president Donald Trump officially said that “The trade deal might happen soon” and that day this statement positively affected on European stock markets. Now everyone looking at the trade negotiation between the two big nations since the global economy might get collapsed if these two nations keep going on fighting with each other.

In European stock market, the telecommunication industry performed worst because of this news. Italy’s Telecom Italia and France’s Orange went down by 2 and 1 percent respectively also many individual companies like Just Eat, Air France-KLM, Henkel also went down. However, now the European investors are waiting for Theresa May massive announcement regarding the Brexit which could be more vital for the overall European stock market.

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