Google Increased the Price of G-Suite by 20%

Google announced today that they are going to increase the pricing of the G-Suite products by almost 20%. This is the first time Google increased the pricing of the G-suite since it’s launch. The G-Suite Basic Edition and the G-Suite Business edition will see the increased price tag, but the Enterprise Edition users are an exception to this increase in price. The G-Suite Basic edition will cost the users for $6 per user/month, and the G-Suite Business edition will cost $12 per user/month. As of now, Google has not included the Enterprise users in this pricing change, and the plans will remain the same for them.

The new changes in the price will not take effect immediately. The new price will be applicable after the 2nd of April 2019. With the current surge in the pricing of the G-Suite, the product is costlier than the competitor Office 365 subscriptions. Office 365 comes with the advanced software suite that is not limited to the online use. With the standalone software programs for the computer, the subscription of the Office 365 is cheap and also worth the money spent.

The Google G-Suite comes with features like the Google Calendar, Google Drive Storage, Docs, Email, Customization support, Productivity tools and the communication solutions for businesses. The Microsoft does offer the same product sets, and the offline Office Suite applications are cherry on the cake. But the server architecture and the reliability that Google provides is nowhere in Microsoft Office 365. As of now, we don’t know the reason behind this planned surge in the pricing of the G-Suite Basic and Business edition packages. The changes in pricing will adopt the local currency rate, and in some countries, the company will modify the pricing according to local market adjustments.

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