Hundreds of Popular Apps are Compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold

Samsung is gearing up to launch the most anticipated Galaxy Fold smartphone. This is the first device that will have a foldable display. As the phone is coming near the release date, Samsung has prepared to make it compatible with all of the major apps. According to the information, Hundreds of popular apps are now compatible with Galaxy Fold smartphone. The popular apps like Microsoft’s office suite, Skype, Twitter, and many others can now utilize the foldable display mode properly. As all of the major Android apps are compatible with Galaxy Fold, the users will get optimum user experience while using the smartphone.

When the smartphone was handed over to the tech reviewers, they complained about the hinge issues and also the app compatibility. Almost all of the apps were not optimized to utilize the foldable display, causing the issues. All of the Android applications, except the native apps by Samsung, had the resolution issues. Before the official launch of the smartphone, Samsung has contacted the app developers to optimize the apps. Resulting in all of the apps like Spotify, Twitter, iHeartRadio, Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, and VSCO are optimized perfectly for the foldable display.

Talking in numbers, there are more than hundreds of apps that are compatible with the foldable display of Galaxy Fold smartphone. With the features like seamless App Continuity and Multi-Active Window, the users can easily multitask and switch between multiple apps. It is now easier to run the apps on the primary part of the display and move it to the second part of the display. Also, the apps will change resolutions immediately when the user folds the device. Samsung is currently preparing for the official launch of this device in Korean Markets. After the launch, the device will be made available in the global markets.