Miserable street condition and high hotel rates: Change the place of Oracle tech conference

Oracle, a big tech company, will plan to move its annual world conference to Las Vegas in the upcoming year. According to reports, It was due to San Francisco’s guest house rates and the bad condition of the city’s street. In the last 20 years, the annual world conference has arranged in San Francisco. Now there are so many concerns are raising about changing the place of the conference. Is there people struggle with homelessness, the use of drugs in open areas and road violence may be the reasons behind this. These factors have significant impacts on the changes in place decisions.

Oracle decided to get off even San Francisco recently spend $563 million in the development and renovation of the Moscone Center. They have also invested in the meeting facility where the conference had held for years. The debt of the conference is the cost to the city predicted $67 million in the annual economic scheme. San Francisco Travel  Association has published this Statement. This conference is brought about 58,000 people to the conference each year. But many of them had complained about the city’s hotel charges and adverse toad conditions. These all factors have been affected to change in the decision of the conference place.

According to the survey of, Nashville, Boston, San Jose, California are the most expensive market for hotel rooms. San Francisco is considered the fifth most costly market for hotel rooms in the nation. San Francisco’s moderate rate of hotels is nearby $225 a night for a double room in three-star quality. The same type of room cost $67 a night in Las Vegas noticed in the survey. Finally, Oracle moved the event to Las Vegas on the contract of three-year. And the conference to be organized at the Caesars Forum. These changes happen because of the worst situation in San Francisco.  On Monday, a short term imprisons of crucial shooting at a homeless camp in Sacramento was confined to 118 years to life in prison.