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  • Jason Amato :- Chief Editor

    Jason was appointed to a three-year term at Thefinancialstrategy.com in September 2015. Later he was continued as the chief editor of the publication. In his role, Jason serves as the public's representative to Thefinancialstrategy.com. He is responsible for bringing transparency to matters of journalism and journalism ethics. Thefinancialstrategy.com receives tens and thousands of inquiries annually and the Jason responds to significant queries, comments, and criticisms. Jason has a decade of experience taking an objective at the media industry and this experience has helped her is expertizing business and health sectors. So, when it's about business and health news, Jason is the go-to guy at Dailyhover.com.

    Jason@dailyhover.com | +1(857)2390699
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  • Jordan Hayes :- Sr. Writer

    Jordan is the correspondent author at Thefinancialstrategy.com. He contributed commentaries to various online podcasts for almost 10 years. He has the responsibility of covering technology and business related news especially in the field of AI, smartphones, operating systems, latest and trending gadgets. Jordan's passion for food and things culinary has served him well. he has also spent time with award-winning food critic Alan Richman, the memory which he cherishes for is life.

    jordan@thefinancialstrategy.com | +1(857)2390697
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  • stefenmarwa :- Sr. Writer

    Stefen is one of the finest and experienced senior content writer at Thefinancialstrategy.com. He is dedicated to writing about the science domain cutting down the latest inventions or space exploration into a simple and understandable way. He keeps the updates about all the breakthroughs, discoveries, and inventions taking place all around the world. In his free time, Stefen likes to read inspirational books and suspense thrillers. He also maintains his blog about scientific inventions and briefs his views.

    admin@thefinancialstrategy.com | +1(857)2390698
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