Security Flaw in Fortnite Exposed Data of 80 Million gamers

Fornite is one of the most famous battle royale game with more than a million players playing at the same time. A major security flaw in the systems of Epic games and Fortnite allowed hackers to access the data of Fortnite players. Nearly 80 Million Fortnite players were affected by this significant security flaw. According to the information security group Check Point Research, the security flaw surfaced in the Fall and allowed the hackers to gain access to any account without using the password. The hackers can play the game using the hacked account and also purchase in-game items by using account users credit cards.

Not just the in-game transaction, but the hackers could access the conversation with other users and peep into the in-game discussions with the other players on the server. Although, Company spokesperson denied the possibility of the hackers listening to your discussions from hacking the accounts. The security analysts from the Check Point Research discovered the flaw in November. From November to January, the flaw was open, and the hackers could’ve accessed millions of accounts to purchase in-game items.

According to the Epic games, the security flaw has been fixed after the outrage. The company also asked the users to update their passwords to something substantial. The Better Business Bureau has received a ton of complaints about customer service from the Epic games. Some prosecutors say that the company has failed to protect the customer privacy and not to engage in providing a better customer support service. The same Better Business Bureau awarded Epic games with the “F” ratings due to multiple unanswered complain over a few months. Not just the Better Business Bureau, but the official Fortnite forum has a few players who confirmed that they’d been hacked multiple times before this security flaw unearthed.

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